Issued to persons or representatives of companies who show through authenticated documents that they have established the necessary contacts and the investment has been accepted by the relevant Venezuelan agencies.

The Investment Transient Visa is granted for three (3) years with multiple entries for unlimited stays.

After the three years, the interested party may request an extension while in the country for a maximum of two (2) years. When the extension ends, the holder may apply for a Resident Visa, subject to meeting the requirements established by the Interior Ministry.


Complete the application form.
Passport must have a validity of at least six (6) months, and minimum two (2) pages free.
Two (2) photographs.
Original company letter on letterhead paper, indicating name and address of the person/company to be contacted in Venezuela, explaining the motive of the trip and taking responsibility for the staying in Venezuela of the applicant.
Commercial registry of the company.
Last tax declaration of the company.
Document duly notarized in Venezuela proving that the investment has been accepted and registered by the respective Venezuelan official authorities.
Original and photocopy of the Hong Kong or Macao ID Card or of the visa that authorizes the applicant to reside in Hong Kong or Macao.
Bank receipt of the deposit of SIXTY US DOLLARS (US$60.00) in the account of the CONSULATE GENERAL OF VENEZUELA.