This visa is granted by the Consular Sections of the Embassies and Consular Offices of the Republic to foreign residents, who have not remained over two (2) consecutive years overseas and have not acquired residence in another country, provided the expiration of the residency does not exceed thirty (30) calendar days.

Re-entry visas are also granted to persons whose condition of transient granted by the Interior Ministry has expired and who have not been absent from Venezuela for more than thirty (30) calendar days.

If these time limits have expired or other circumstances have occurred, the interested party must apply for re-entry directly from the Interior Ministry.

The Re-entry Transient Visa is granted for six (6) months for one entry only, and is stamped with the holder's identity card number in Venezuela. Children under 18 who have not been issued an identity card are excepted.


Complete the application form.
Passport must have a validity of at least six (6) months, and minimum two (2) pages free.
Two (2) photographs.
Original and copy of the Venezuelan Identity Card.
Bank receipt of the deposit of SIXTY US DOLLARS (US$60.00) in the account of the CONSULATE GENERAL OF VENEZUELA.