Issued to merchants, executives, representatives of companies or industries and microenterprises, who are non-migrants and who wish to enter the country to engage in commercial or financial activities and/or transactions or other legal activity related to their businesses.

The Business Transient Visa is granted for one (1) year with multiple entries, and allows a maximum stay of one hundred and eighty (180) days. No extension is available.


Complete the application form.
Passport must have a validity of at least six (6) months, and minimum two (2) pages free.
Two (2) photographs.
Original company letter on letterhead paper, indicating name and address of the person/company to be contacted in Venezuela, explaining the motive of the trip and taking responsibility for the staying in Venezuela of the applicant.
Commercial registry of the company.
Original and photocopy of the Hong Kong or Macao ID Card or of the visa that authorises the applicant to reside in Hong Kong or Macao.
Bank receipt of the deposit of SIXTY US DOLLARS (US$60.00) in the account of the CONSULATE GENERAL OF VENEZUELA.