This visa is issued to foreigners who wish to travel to Venezuela to take undergraduate or postgraduate studies or any other type of training.

The visa is granted for a maximum of one (1) year and is extendable subject to presentation of documentation evidencing that the interested party will continue to study in the country.


Complete the application form.
Passport must have a validity of at least six (6) months, and minimum two (2) pages free.
Two (2) photographs.
Letter of application from the sponsoring institution, indicating the economic means of the student in Venezuela.
Proof of acceptance by the educational institution where the applicant will undertake the studies or the company where the training will take place.
Submission of qualifications and/or evidence of studies, duly legalised.
Health certificate and a certificate of no criminal conviction.
Original and photocopy of the Hong Kong or Macao ID Card or of the visa that authorises the applicant to reside in Hong Kong or Macao.
Bank receipt of the deposit of SIXTY US DOLLARS (US$60.00) in the account of the CONSULATE GENERAL OF VENEZUELA.